PhD Scholar in Robotics

@Multi rObot autONomy Lab, Department of EECS, IISER'B

About Me

I am a researcher in swarm robotics. My current research focuses on Swarm Intelligence and Human-Robot Swarm Interactions. I mostly deal with statistical aspects in large scale decision making and various kinds of collective motion models. My research also applies to reccomender systems which are highly used in Amazon, Netflix, etc to help public make decisions.

I have finished my Bachelors and Masters in Physics (Major) and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (Minor) in the year 2020 from IISER Bhopal . My Masters thesis was focused on studying the emergence of Friction due to changing Gaussian Curvature of the underlying surface. I designed an experimental bed that practically depicts the effect in its measurable form.

Meet Me

Moonlab, 407, 4D
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal
Bhauri village, Bhopal
Madhya Pradesh, India
Pin: 462066